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Solar’s Super Power: Reducing Your Monthly Energy Bills in a Single Bound!

Most people know that harnessing the power of the sun with solar panels is a clean, renewable source of energy, but did you know that people who have solar panels installed on the roofs of their homes and businesses can see a drastic reduction in their monthly energy bills?

Using solar panels allows you to generate your own electricity, which means you draw and use less power from your utility company’s power grid. This directly results in saving money on your electricity bill, but the savings don’t stop there! Incredibly, having your solar system tied in directly to the power grid means that you are actually getting money back from the power company. Here’s how that works:

During the daytime while the sun is shining, your solar panels will sometimes produce more energy than your home or business is actually using. With a tied-in system, this excess energy is fed from your solar panels back into the power grid and stored there for later use. When you feed power back into the grid like this, the dial on your electricity-usage meter actually spins backwards, reducing your monthly bill even further! Depending on how this is measured, some power companies will even allow you to sell the excess electricity from your solar panels to them at a higher rate than that which you’re buying their electricity.

It’s not uncommon for solar-users with this type of tied-in system to see monthly savings on energy of over 80%. In fact, if it weren’t for the standard fees charged by power companies just for being connected to the power grid, some solar users would be able to reduce their power bill to $0 per month! Still, we’re talking about potentially reducing your residential power bill from $150 or so per month to more like $8, a savings of 94%!

For more information about how to reduce your monthly bills using solar power, contact SolarMax today!


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