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Tax Breaks for Residential Solar Installation!

Did you know that between 2000 and 2006, the price of electricity went up by 2.5% per year? Unfortunately, that upward trend has continued, resulting in higher bills for utilities customers. Energy costs are projected to climb steadily for the foreseeable future.

To offset these rising costs, many homeowners are choosing to install solar panels, but that’s not the only reason go solar. In addition to the natural advantages of using solar power (a naturally abundant, clean, green, and renewable energy source) the U.S. government provides substantial tax incentives to homeowners who decide to take advantage of solar technology to power their homes. Good through the end of 2016, The Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit offers a 30% tax credit off the price of residential solar installation! That’s a savings of nearly a third the price!

In addition to that sweet deal, there may be further savings to be had depending on where you live. In the sunny southwestern states (CA, NM and AZ), for instance, state and local incentives for residential solar installation can include fee waivers, expedited permits and other money- and time-saving benefits. To begin researching local incentives for installing solar-powered technologies at home in your region, you can start here.

And for a free quote for residential solar panel installation in your home, visit our website.


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