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Solar Power Heats Up in California!

Did you know that during the recent summer heatwaves, the state of California generated a record-breaking 1000+ megawatts of solar power? That’s the same amount of power produced by not one, but two large gas-fired power plants—except with solar, that energy is clean, green, and produced from an abundant renewable resource.

These sky-high levels of power generation were hit not just once, but several times over the past few months according to officials who operate the state’s power grid. And with new solar installations cropping up all over, this extraordinary milestone is only the beginning!

And it’s not just companies who are reaping the benefits of all that California sunshine—homeowners are catching on quick to the smart savings of clean, affordable solar power too. Over the summer, SolarMax Technology Inc. installed and sold over 600 residential solar power systems.

“The high cost of cooling and powering a home in Southern California really grabs the attention of homeowners when they see their electric bills double and triple in the summer,” said Guillermo Santomauro, SolarMax Technology sales manager. “We’ve installed a significant amount of solar panels in the Inland Empire this past summer, notably in Temecula, San Bernardino County, Palm Springs, City of Riverside and in Los Angeles and Orange Counties.”

In addition to being affordable, solar power systems are reliable. And with city, state and federal solar rebates, more and more homeowners are turning to solar power as a way to immediately lower or eliminate their high cost electric bills. Ready to get a leg up on next summer’s energy bills, and start seeing household savings all year long? Call SolarMax for a free quote to install a solar system for your home!


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