SolarMax Technology
Solar power made simple


From our highly trained Energy Consultants to our friendly installers, SolarMax Technology offers each customer a personal experience from start to finish. Our goal is to deliver affordable, high quality solar energy systems.

SolarMax will help you secure your energy future by designing and installing Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems, which generate clean and efficient electricity.

How It Works

1.Solar panels convert the sun’s energy into electricity.
2.The Inverter changes the current from DC to AC enabiling it to power electical items.
3.The electricity then passes through a breaker box to outlets in the home or building.
4.Excess power from the solar array is then sent to the utility grid, this spins an electric meter backwards in what is known as “net metering”.  Net metering  permits the customer to get full credit for the retail value of the electricity the system generates.
What is Solar PV?
Solar PV is short for Solar Photovoltaic’s. This is a type of renewable energy technology that is capable of converting light into electrical current. This electricity can then be used in your home.
Grid-tied solar systems are connected to the utility grid. As a result, the excess energy generated by the system is sent back into the grid during the day and drawn back at night, when the system is not producing.

Installing Solar PV on your property has the following benefits:
•    Reduces your energy bills for 25+ years
•    Gives you a great return on your investment through the Government’s Tax Credits and Utility Cash rebates.
•    Protects you against future electricity price increases.
•    Increases the value of your home
•    Reduces your carbon footprint
•    Solar systems are virtually maintenance free

Solar PV can be installed on most building types, including offices, warehouses, factories, parking structures and many more.
We offer the highest quality small to large-scale solar systems according to your energy needs. Systems can be mounted on the roof of your building or on a separate structure, i.e. parking structures, and solar trackers.
Solar energy is a great way for your company or commercial building to save money on energy costs and increase environmental responsibility. It’s high Return on Investment (ROI) and short payback period makes plenty of financial sense. Moreover, it will enable you to hedge against future energy cost hikes. There has never been a better time to install a solar system for your commercial building.

What are the advantages
Cost Effective: Whether you BUY or LEASE, a commercial solar energy system offers a guaranteed Return on Investment.
Purchase: Available Utility Rebates and Federal Grants allow for a quick return on investment. MACRS depreciation allows a business owner to fully depreciate the cost of the solar system in 5 years.
Lease/PPA Option: A SolarMax Lease or PPA allows commercial and non-profit entities to go solar without any capital investment and save money from day one. Our Lease includes all maintenance and monitoring.

At SolarMax we make solar PV financing easy. Our goal is to provide smart, simple, cost effective finance packages that make sense.
With our SMX Solar Loan our goal is to swap your Electric Bill for your Solar Loan payment.

SMX Solar Loan*
Affordable Monthly Payments
Flexible Term 10 years
Low Fixed Rates
No Prepayment Penalties

Addison Avenue Solar Loan*
Low  Monthly Payments
Flexible extended terms
Low Fixed Rates
Loan Amounts up to $50,000
No loan fees or prepayment penalties

(866) 285-2388



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